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god_dot_com's Journal

God, Interrupted
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God is dead... sexy!

Suddenly not listed as a Friend of God? Check The Assembly of saints_dot_com

Angel because of the P.o.P.:

Saint Jen: jenandtonics: Our Lady of Friends-Page Domination and Beer

Saints Hall of Fame:

Saint Joe: halogenerate: Patron Saint of What To Eat In-between Meals
Saint Cilicia: aheadofmymind: Our Lady of Cute Little Dogs and Elvis Impersonators
Saint Mopus: grrwoo: Patron Saint of Gloom (County)
Saint Ssshhhh!: gina: Our Lady of Making Out
(Busty) Saint Clair: i_get_stabby: Our Lady of Perfectly Chosen Simpsons Quotations
Saint Beckish: madshrubbery: Patron Saint of Mistaken Assumptions of Gender and Sexual Preference
Saint Ollie: jolefay: Our Lady of the Naked Oracle
Saint Mandy: pigri: Our Lady of the Pigs and Boobies
Saint To-The-Left: augauche: Our Lady of Infinite Hair Colors
Saint Dobbs: bob_dot_com: Patron Saint of Slack
Saint Ashe: darkerdays: Our Lady of the Booty Sex Hotline
Saint Pam: canowrms: Our Lady of the Gorgeous Florida Girls
Saint Eris: eris_dot_com: Our Lady of Discord
Saint Doovies: doovies_redux: Patron Saint of Donkey Punching and Still a Fucking Monkey
Saint Deza: deza: Our Lady of Hot Librarian Fantasies
Saint Darkisst: darkisst: Our Lady of Naughty Girls
Saint Jerilyn: reiana: Our Lady of Bitches in Training
Saint Bill: archiedavis: Patron Saint of The Lower Lumbar Region
Saint Motobabe: blueyedevil: Our Lady of Shrines Built Inside Pants
Saint Howie: darkmattr: Patron Saint of of the Nazz, with god_dot_com given ass
Saint LCB: happy_spirit: Our Lady of Goofeh Photoshoppin’
Saint Diane : dionarap: Our Lady of the Immaculate Sasquatch
Saint QOTR : italianprincess: Our Lady of Blingness
Saint Jack: jackolantern: Patron Saint of Wrath Therapy
Saint Jamie: ladulcinea: Our Lady of Occasional Gothness
Saint Kelly: kellinator: Our Lady of the Scared Shitless Law Students
Saint McBitchenstein: lasquared: Matron Rainbow Saint of Munching Boxes and Shiny things
Saint Laurie: miss_tish: Our Lady of the She’s Got Nice Boobies
Saint Randy :lostncove: Patron Saint of Wackiness
Saint Cetan :cetan: Patron Saint of Chutneypants
Saint Taneka: loudgirl: Our Lady of Haiku
Saint Rev: revsphynx: Patron Saint of Street Performing In a Manner That Endangers The General Public
Saint Ctuaire: sanctuaire: Our Lady of Pie and Hunchbacks
Saint Musey: silentire: Our Lady of Official Muse-dom
Saint Todd: tikigods: Patron Saint of Strippers
Saint John: halcyonpink: Patron Saint of Worldwide Synchronized Orgasms
Saint Ilex: ilexx: Our Lady of New Girls In Town
Saint Likestrees: iliketrees: Patron Saint of, uh, trees.
Saint Jaaason: jathomas: Patron Saint of Cheesebots and Nude Rats
Saint James Addiction : juiceboxhero: Patron Saint of Utter Nonsense
Saint Katie : kmbrown825: Our Lady of Budunka Dunk
San Miguel: tangophantom: Patron Saint of The Lambada
Saint Pee_Paw : pee_paw: Patron Saint of Aging Gracefully
Saint Crow: pigeonfarm: Patron Saint of Ass Ninjas
Saint Entropy musicalentropy: Patron Saint of Rhythm Guitar
Saint Fourtines : fourtines: Our Lady of Forking
Saint Claire : koala4life: Our Lady of Drooling on Pillows
Saint Laureth: laurieloo: Our Lady of The Avowed Atheists
Saint Getin' Busy: redvinyl: Our Lady of Bedroom Dancing
Saint Adellyna: adellyna: Our Lady of Hot Sexy Sassy Cuteness
Saint Liz: elizabethf: Our Lady of Glock 9mm Semiautomatic Sidearms
Saint Plinko: plinko: Our Lady of Virgin Mary Dress Up Dolls. And bees.
Saint Rhaedde: fariered13: Our Lady of Whispered Sweet Nothings and Humpings
Saint Her, Beth : mebeth: Our Lady of Supreme Bitterness
Saint Jackson If You’re Nasty : sarahlicious13: Our Lady of Angelina-Lust and Velvet Couches
Saint Miss Scarlet: sexychicken: Our Lady of Sexy Hair
Saint Motard: jaso1975: Patron Saint of Madcap Adventures and R.C. Collins’s Missing Testicle
Saint Welcome!: mandiefavor: Our Lady of the Perfect Ass
Saint Smee: smi00p: Our Lady of Damn Grits!
Saint Joy: kimosabi46: Our Lady of Small Animal Rescuage
Saint Shakes Her Booty: moozermoo: Our Lady of Ex-Wife Torturing
Saint Wolvy: wolvy: Our Lady of Culinary Arts
Saint Slick: unitedsknhead: Patron Saint of Ingrown Toenail Sufferers
Saint Kevin: sultmhoor: Patron Saint of Broken Sex Toys
Saint Tricia: twgan: Our Lady of the Interesting Linkies
Saint Hottie: teaa: Our Lady of Rocking the Casbah
Saint Oonagh: oonie: Our Lady of Amplexus
Saint Rhiannonstone: rhiannonstone: Our Lady of Splashing About Naked in the Water Like Otters
Saint Patty: vomitgirl: Our Lady of Kneesocks and/or Underage Boy Love
Saint E: tenaciousg: Patron Saint of Wandering the Earth Like Caine
Saint Woodwhat: woodwhat: Our Lady of the Perpetually Tingling Hoohoo
Saint Satan: satan_dot_com: Patron Saint of Bunny Rabbits and Tea Parties
Saint Girlchick : savia: Our Lady of Lipstick Lesbians, Fag Hags, and Altar Boys
Saint Caitlyn : chaoticasylum: Our Lady of Lesbian Biker Nuns
Saint Hot-Purple-Hair : divaliving: Our Lady of Diva Living and Fabulousness
Saint Bogey : mrbogey: Patron Saint of Laurie's Technical Assistance
Saint Twisted : twistedcat: Our Lady of Perpetually Wandering Around Aimlessly
Saint "Squeaky Wheel" JuJu : tequilasunset: Our Lady of Dirty Words & Metaphors
Saint Mariclair/Clarice: mariclair: Our Lady of Casual Friday Pimps
Saint Sciurism: sciurism: Our Lady of Red Stripe, squirrels and sluttiness...but not necessarily at the same time
Saint AmicableBitch: amicablebitch: Our Lady of witty retorts, oxymorons, and slabs of meat...preferably at the same time
Saint Sylphon: sylphon: Our Lady of Debauchery in Corsets and Leather
Saint Julia: starryjules: Our Lady of Being hated by jealous bitches
Saint Finrod: fin9901: Patron Saint of Unix, pinball, and the purity test
Saint Evil-Chaos: chulitatota: Our Lady Signora of Hot Italians and Underage Guatemalan Lovers
Saint ReneeWolf: reneewolf: Our Lady of former ministers who become country music disc jockeys
Saint 2can : 2can: Patron Saint of the Indecisive and Terminally Single
Saint Carey: careyonly: Our Lady of Secret Codes, Pixie Dogs and Full Gas Tanks.
Saint Cassandra: not_hothead_yet: Our Lady of Misunderstood Profits (ha).

Associate/Probationary Saints:

Saint Ravyn: madmravyn: Our Lady of Perverted Pleasures
Saint PJ: pjammer: Patron Saint of Killers and Killer Donuts
Saint Arachne: spyderqueen: Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination
Saint Sam: samfeasor: Patron Saint of Midnight Snacks
Saint Darien: bishounenkami: Patron Saint of Scorpios and Schizophrenia
Saint Spork: sporkilicious: Patron Saint of Wenches and Ambiguous Silverware
Saint Mac Daddy: mac_moses_daddy: Patron Saint of Pimps
Saint Hunter: thehunter: Patron Saint of Library Ninjas
Saint phanatic: phanatic: Patron Saint of Stuff Which Blows Up Other Stuff
Saint Not-Appearing-In-This-Film: volta: Patron Saint of The Bizarre
Saint Clark: sluggbeezy: Patron Saint of Your Mom
Saint Mina: crazyfaeriegirl: Our Lady of mad tea parties and squirrels on speed
Saint Auric: auricevrion: Patron Saint of DOOM... er... I mean.... kindness and benevolence! really! honestly!
Saint Jess: fede: Our Lady of Snark
Saint Leathers: leathers: Patron Saint of all things BDSM related and who farted?
Saint RR: abeguilinglark: Patron Saint of eternal mental unhealth
Saint zenoi: zenoi: Patron Saint of being myself
Saint lafleuve: lafleuve: Patron Saint of Non-Cheese Eaters
Saint rawmutton: rawmutton: Patron Saint of Physics
Saint Schwa: elynne: Our Lady of the Inverted E
Saint Chauni: chauni: Our Lady of Yaoi and Angst
Saint SayWha: sandyleeann: Patron Saint of smiting the most evil snooze button
Saint John à Quière: queerasjohn: Patron Saint of Kentucky Fried Christians
Saint xeroxchamp: xeroxchamp: Patron Saint of unpronounced letters
Saint Halen: harrywells: Patron Saint of the Evil Sporkatula
Saint Maverick: chrismaverick: Patron Saint of drinking, debauchery and peanut butter
Saint Parcimony: parcimony: Patron Saint of porn stars
Saint Saint: dantesaint: Patron Saint of Unnamable Ectasy and American Idol Contestants
Saint JUJUBEE: mydearziola: Our Lady of Rocky Horror and all outcasts thereof
Saint Lisa: ladymeow: Our Radiant Lady of sarcasm and sadism
Saint Onoufrios: voidwithin: Patron Saint of all that is Blue and Curly
Saint Kathryn: bitterbyrden: Our Lady of Rejection and Self-Sabotage
Saint Mars: martemom: Our Lady of Belly Buttons
Saint UnBe: unbe: Patron Saint of the Indifferent
Saint Prettyboys: kdorian: Patron Saint of Slash
Saint Moe: moesmith88: Patron Saint of Long Distance Relationships and "those who have to travel to get them some"
Saint Basketcase: ajrbasketcase: Our Lady of Neurosis and all McDonald's food, except for the Filet-o-Fish
Saint Fromage: grandfromage: Patron Saint of Lesbian Pornography, AK-47s, and Ninja Monkeys
Saint wolfgrrl: wolfgrrl: Our Lady of sketchiness and luchadors
Saint RJ: arjei: Patron Saint of Idle
Saint Rhombosis: rhombosis: Patron Saint of Wet Spots and Small, Shiney Objects
Saint Sharon: sleepykid999: Patron saint-ette of teenaged comic book artists
Saint Keever: keever: Our Lady of Obsessiveness and Eye-Rolling
Saint Alex: ressick: Patron Saint of plaid, auto-erotic stimulation, and Robin Hood addicts
Saint Pat: freebirdpat: Patron Saint of Assault Rifles and Pink Hair
Saint leca: leca: Patron Saint of handcuffs
Saint Goat Boy: goatboy94: Patron Saint of Sanity in the Third Mall From The Sun
Saint Megan: akiha: Our Lady of ponchos and cereal-flinging
Saint Eryn: rynia: Our Lady of little brother fwhapping and X-Men, and Harry Potter yaoi fans
Saint Anonymous: anonymous: Patron Saint of mysterious comments
Saint Indi: beindigoe: Our Lady of Stupid Pie, Concoctions, Second-String Musings, and Late-Night Drives
Saint PC: peacefulchaos: Our Lady of Very Tall Albinos and Sensually Tight Ropes
Saint mettekrangnes: nursemette: Our Lady of cute little toys
Saint Gemini: geminigirl: Our Lady of the indecisive
Saint Videre: pentateuch: Patron Saint of Shakespeare and Fairys
Saint The J: capitalj: Our lady of Alliteration
Saint Mifdiglampterost: theotherqpc: Patron Saint of Hujoldamintis Frallompteraquin
Saint Annie: anniexcore: Our Lady of shaggy hair and emo eyes
Saint Olly: a1icey: Our Lady of Insanity and Prostitution
Saint Roger: callmeroger: Patron Saint of Where Non-sense makes sense! (Prime Central.org)
Saint Alexander: aliesyn55: Patron Saint of Whores
Saint Omoni: yukinoomoni: Patron Saint of Puppies
Saint Alyscia: mxpxchik: Our Lady of Never being on time
Saint Templar: sirencio: Patron Saint of Cookies and Homestar Runner
Saint Beth: phoenixchilde: Our Lady of Perpetual Procrastination